Fertilizer storage silo

Technical characteristics

  • Tank: Constructed by high quality galvanized sheet rings, with trapezoidal moldings. Galvanized sheet reinforcing upper ring. Internal sealing in sheet joints.
  • Roof: Galvanized sheet conical roof. Pitch 30º. Constructed in two galvanized sheet panels with longitudinal moldings. Filling peak opening and galvanized sheet cap.
    Conical bottom. Pitch 45º. Constructed by double sheet panels with lapped ledges for higher strength. Continuous weld in all panels’ internal joints and base ring, preventing corrosion. Lower tank diameter: 450mm. Opening for possible blocking.
  • Painting: Internal sidewall: one anticorrosive epoxy coating and two enamel coatings. External sidewalls and feet: one zinc chromate coating and optional color synthetic enamel.
  • Accessories: External tank ladder and roof stairway constructed with zinced L shaped iron.
    2mm bent sheet access door in lower ring.
    450 x 250mm zinced tipping valve in peak door, manual function.
    Zinced bolts, nuts and washers. External neoprene washers. Elastic putty in all joints and bolts.
Model Capacity (tn/wheat) Total Height (m)
FCAF ø 4,32/3 60 6,77
FCAF ø 4,32/4 74 7,73
FCAF ø 5,55/3 106 7,97
FCAF ø 5,55/4 129 8,92