Grain storage systems

PST 10 - 1.000T/W


Four metallic silos, model FCS Ø 8,04/5. Capacity: 250tn/wheat each.

Aeration System

  • Four aeration systems with three perforated air ducts each.
  • Dimension of the conduits: Ø 320mm.
  • Axial fan, powered by 4HP 2800RPM engine.

Handling systems

  • Bucket elevators. Capacity: 40tn/h. Total Height 20m.
  • 16mm steel stamped buckets.
  • Helical-Worm Gearmotor in bucket elevator head section. Power: 5.5HP 1,500rpm.
  • Grain distributor with eight circularly arranged outlets and manual command.
  • Aerial Ø 170mm duct for truck and silo loading.
  • Truck loading pipe support.
  • Silo and hopper screw extractors. Capacity: 40tn/h.
  • 5.5 and 7.5HP - 1,500RPM gearmotor.
  • Ø 220mm cylindrical trough.
  • Ø 220mm. reinforced screw.
  • Helical gearmotors in screw head.


  • Calculated on standard ground: 1kg/cm2 resistance.
  • Cone bottom below ground level.
  • Side reception hopper for trucks. Capacity: 25tn.
  • Concrete base to bucket elevator.
  • Supporting base for bucket elevator supporting strings.

Electrical System

  • Electrical system of power for motors.
  • Central control panel with commanding keys and handles.
  • Warning lights and lightning conductor.
  • Materials.


  • Silos installation.
  • Handling systems installation.
  • Electrical installation.

Do not include

  • Project material.
  • Mains supply.
  • Transportation.

Note: Consult our technical department for specific project alternatives.