The Company

About Us

TRAFER S.A. is a company founded in 1952 by Mr. Pierino Travaini and Mr. Francisco Fernández. Since then, it has been working exclusively on the manufacture of mechanic devices for grain storage, elevation and handling. More than 54 years of industrial and commercial history, supported by excellent quality production and modern technology, have made TRAFER S.A. a leading manufacturer company and a fundamental supplier to farmers, grain stockpilers and milling or malting industries.

TRAFER S.A. began in 860 Moreno Avenue, Tres Arroyos

Until 2014 the company was in Castelli 743, Tres Arroyos.

TRAFER S.A. is currently in Parque Industrial de Tres Arroyos.

Novelty of the project

TRAFER S.A. takes into account all functional variables concerning every project. Not only present needs are considered, but also the possible future growth of the silo plant.
For that reason, TRAFER S.A. offers its customers human and technical support in order to provide high quality service. More than 50 years of experience allow us to understand and determine the best project to meet every need.